Alex Chow is an illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In 2013, he graduated from Sheridan College’s Classical Animation program with Honours. His style combines animation and video game concepts with classical art techniques. He specializes in fantasy character illustrations and concepts.

He has professional experience in video games, graphic novels, comics, portraiture, board games, and game cards. For any questions and inquiries, contact him through his email

Résumé: House Marque, Savage Interactive (“Procreate” app), Qindle Design & Innovation, Renderwave Kickstarter, Imaginism Studios

(Click here for the full Résumé PDF)

Featured in: 

Spectrum 26 – “Luna Eclipsis”

Spectrum 23 – “Human Technology is Interesting” – “Critical Analysis and Application of Style” lecture

3DTotal – “Sketching from the Imagination: Anime and Manga” artbook

Extra Life 2019 Donation Incentive – Overwatch Artwork Prints – Article: “Feast your eyes on the best Overwatch fan art around”

League of Legends Official Fan Art Page – Jinx and Kindred Metroid Feature Book

 EEG Nation: Digital Magazine – Mario Edition – “9 Amazing Pieces of Overwatch Fan Art You Can Buy For Your Battle Station”